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Energy Research

Nuclear technology plays a crucial role in various aspects of energy research, especially in the field of nuclear energy. Here are examples:

  1. Nuclear Power Generation: This is perhaps the most well-known application of nuclear technology in energy research. Nuclear reactors use controlled nuclear fission to produce heat, which is then used to generate electricity. Researchers study reactor design, safety protocols, and fuel cycle technologies to improve the efficiency and safety of nuclear power plants. Advanced reactor designs, such as thorium reactors and fast breeder reactors, are also subjects of research to enhance nuclear energy’s sustainability and reduce radioactive waste.
  2. Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Management: Research in nuclear technology focuses on optimizing the nuclear fuel cycle, from mining and enrichment to fuel fabrication and disposal. Advanced techniques are explored for reducing the volume and radiotoxicity of nuclear waste. This includes research into advanced reprocessing methods, such as partitioning and transmutation, to minimize the long-term environmental impact of nuclear waste.
  3. Nuclear Materials and Radiation Effects: Understanding the behavior of materials under extreme radiation conditions is vital for the safe and efficient operation of nuclear reactors. Research in this area includes the development of advanced materials that can withstand high levels of radiation and temperature, as well as the study of radiation-induced effects on materials’ structural integrity and performance.

These applications of nuclear technology in energy research contribute to the development of sustainable and efficient energy sources while addressing safety, waste management, and materials challenges associated with nuclear energy.

Studies at TINT include biodiesel catalysts, probabilistic risk assessment of nuclear-related incidents, and energy material development.

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Dr. Sasikarn Nuchdang